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    Luoyang Tianzhao New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd is in Luoyang City. Luoyang is the capital of nine dynasties in Chinese history. Also it is the intersection of ancient culture and modern civilization. Our company is located in the Yinkun Technology District in newly developed zone in Luoyang. We are specializing in the development and exploit of solar energy.

    Tianzhao Solar is a trademark registered in the National Industrial and Commercial Department in the year of 2003. Tianzhao Solar origins from the God called Amaterasu in the ancient. i.e. the sun-god. The sun is the source of energy for all things on earth. Life cannot thrive without sunshine. We are honored to choose this industry that delivers sunshine.

    In the aspect of the product quality, we stick to the concept good quality first, best selling second. We are aimed to reject product defects, making our products more and more perfect. In the aspect of our after-sale services, our company has a complete service system by the means of network service, telephone service and agent service. Our objective is to make our customers enjoy the best service when utilizing our products. With the gleam of the sun, Tianzhao Solar will spread all over the world, bringing bless to the whole world.

    Tianzhao Solar has been awarded many honored title such as ‘China Famous Brand’, ‘Customer Trust Brand Certificate’, ‘Customer Satisfaction Top Ten Credit Enterprise Certificate’, ‘Top Ten Excellent and Credible Enterprise’, ‘Qualified Products By the Test of National Authorities’ and etc. Besides,it has completely pass the quality test by the Solar Test Center.

    With good product quality control system comprehensively won a dozen national patent certificate such as ‘Inspection Report of National Solar Water Heater Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center(Wuhan)’, ‘ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification’, ‘European CE Certification’, ‘Solar Hot Water System Energy Efficiency Ratio Test Report’, ‘CCC Certification’, ‘Solar Thermal Utilization Engineering Design and Construction Enterprise Qualification Certification’. In particular, the company developed anti-leakage, the secondary heat exchange solar water heating system, obtained the certificate of ‘Scientific and Technological Achievements’ issued by the Henan provincial Science and Technology Department. ‘Construction of New Technology Product Promotion of Henan Province’ issued by construction department of Henan Province. ‘Luoyang Science and Technology Progress Award’ issued by Luoyang Technology Department.



    • Business Philosophy
    • The Quality Concept
            Never put the market as the experiment field
    • Service Concept
            Treat customers as friends
    • Management Principle
            Focus on detail and pursue perfection
    • ?Integration Resources
             we strive to provide our clients with cost-effective products,
             and quality service.
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