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  • 2017 China (Luoyang) energy saving and low-carbon green development exhibition
    2017-09-22 07:06:00

       In June 13th, the 2017 China (Luoyang) energy saving low carbon environmental protection products exposition and green development summit opened at Luoyang Convention and Exhibition center.
       This year, the national low carbon day "the theme of" industrial low-carbon development ", the Expo exhibition area of 12 thousand square meters, with more than 300 standard booths, outside the province has attracted more than 200 enterprises exhibitors, exhibits covering clean heating, building materials, green plants, environmental treatment and other fields, the industry leader active scene display exhibits and equipment. My company as energy saving and environmental protection enterprise application has been committed to the development of solar energy projects were also invited to participate in this exhibition.
       The event also invited the domestic top experts from China Energy Association, the Beijing environment exchange, industrial bank, Guangdong CEPREI Certification Center and other institutions to participate in the green development forum, to discuss the development trend of "13th Five-Year" energy saving and environmental protection products, bring a view, consciousness and ideas feast.
       It is reported that in our province on June to carry out energy-saving publicity activities, the theme is "I have such green, sharing", this event as one of the important activities of energy conservation in Henan Province in 2017 awareness month, will take to promote energy conservation. And our company will adhere to the energy conservation, environmental protection, to provide customers with more, better, the best energy efficiency of solar products.
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