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  • Development and utilization of solar energy
    2017-06-12 17:28:00

       Solar energy is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible renewable energy source for human beings. It is also a clean energy source and does not produce any environmental pollution. People use solar energy conversion, photoelectric conversion and photochemical conversion in three ways to make full and effective use of solar energy. In agricultural production for planting and breeding bases to provide energy supply, protect the environment; it also can be used in agriculture and forestry production and construction of water conservancy, such as solar water monitoring reporting system, forestry monitoring report system and irrigation system.
    Photothermal conversion
    Solar energy photothermal conversion is the most popular and main form of solar energy utilization in the world. It is the thermal effect of solar radiation on the surface of the object. Now mainly used in solar water heaters, dryers, greenhouses and solar rooms, solar ovens, heating and cooling, desalination equipment, solar thermal power generation devices.
    photoelectric conversion
    Solar photoelectric conversion is mainly based on semiconductor materials, use of light generated electron hole pairs in the PN junction can generate photocurrent and photovoltage phenomena (photovoltaic effect), so as to achieve the purpose of solar photoelectric conversion, semiconductor materials commonly used mainly for silicon. The solar energy density of the earth surface is low and unstable and discontinuous. Solar cells and corresponding storage technologies can be used to collect and store solar energy to meet the needs of people's work and daily life.
    Photochemical conversion
    Photochemical conversion technology mainly through photosynthesis of Photoelectrochemical conversion, to absorb solar energy through the dye sensitizers, the dye molecules in electronic transition, finally entered the electronic collection electrode, generate photocurrent through the outer loop. The development of this technology will enable people to use solar energy in the form of intelligent development.
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